We are the leading provider of LED screens in Ghana

Our range of custom LED screens include:

  1. Giant Church Indoor backdrop live projection screens Side Screens for Church Indoor live projections.
  2. 31st December outdoor crossover watch-night screens for churches.
  3. Indoor and Outdoor Rental Screens for all programs, events and gatherings (funerals, weddings etc.)
  4. Customized 12volts and 24volts Full Color LED Display for Automobiles.
  5. Giant mobile Screens on Automobiles for campaigning and geographically dispersed targeting.
  6. Retail LED Screens which feature an ultra high impact seamless display.
  7. School LED Screens complete with top and bottom static signage and structure.
  8. Advertising LED Screens that are available in a range of sizes from 1 meter square and above.
  9. Big Screen LED Screens which provide the ultimate big screen solution for clubs, pubs and hotels.
  10. Exhibitions and Trade Fair LED Screens which can be customized to different sizes and display formats.

      3D signs for both Outdoor and Indoor purposes

Premium Led Screens and 3D signs at Affordable prices