3D Signs

​APPA LED is a leading manufacturers of 3D signs for GHANA and the west african sub-region. 

3D signs is an exciting way to add interest, dimension and beauty to your outlets and shops. We use quality materials which stand tough against the harsh weather conditions in Ghana and West Africa as a whole. Our 3d signs are tough in exterior conditions as well as beautiful and able to attract the much needed attention to your Shops and Offices.

Premium Led Screens and 3D signs at Affordable prices

Led Displays

​APPA LED is a leading provider of LED screens for GHANA and the west african sub-region We offer the best in custom LED screen supply and installation, with competitive prices to match.
Whether your requirement is for an indoor LED Screen designed to grab the attention of shoppers in a retail environment or an outdoor LED screen that targets the public, everyday passing trade or potential customers, our range of LED Screens can be manufactured and configured to your specific and exacting needs.
We use a selection of LED DIP and LED SMD technologies to make sure that your indoor or outdoor LED screen meets, if not exceeds, your expectations. We can provide sunlight readable displays which are customised according to your site situation and display application.

    Our range of custom LED screens include:

  • Retail LED Screens which feature an ultra high impact seamless display
  • School LED Screens complete with top and bottom static signage and structure
  • Advertising LED Screens that are available in a range of sizes from 1 meter square and above.
  • Big Screen LED Screens which provide the ultimate big screen solution for clubs, pubs and hotels
  • Exhibitions and Trade Fair LED Screens which can be customized to different sizes and display formats

   Our LED screens offer the following key benefits:

  • Brilliant images can be displayed that will attract the interest of your target audience and effectively and efficiently communicate your promotions or messages.
  • Dynamic video content and live feeds can be incorporated which create more interest and greater impact than static displays. Content on our custom LED screens can be updated remotely and can be changed in an instant or at scheduled times.
  • Outdoor LED screens can be used as giant TVs or scoreboards and have an IP65 waterproof rating allowing them to be used in a variety of weather conditions
  • Our LED sign and screen technologies typically operate independently of your IT network, meaning that the initial installation and on-going use of your custom LED screen can take place without affecting or compromising your IT security.